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Prison Break Spoof Prison Break Spoof

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not that good.

It wasn't entertaining at all. The art wasn't that good and it looked like you where animating at 1 Fps. Also, there was way to much background noise and little emotion in the actors voice.

Cilmeron responds:

I don't necessarily want (or even like) to defend myself but - entertainment is quite subjective, the art is pretty much the best I can (and am willing) to pull of for a 1 minute flash animation, it's animated at 24fps but due to the high amount of objects (or any other reason I haven't figured out yet) it's completely off if watched outside the standalone flash player and as goes for background noise - I'm recording with a headset.. what kind of emotion do you expect.. I tried to emulate/spoof prison break.. ever seen the show/heard the actors? That's what I'm talking about..